This standard includes all needed information for adding a network to a wallet via URL, by including parameters such as chainId, rpc_url, chain_name and others, such that the network configuration is provided through the URL itself.


As observed with the use of EIP-681 and its implementation in current mobile wallets, transactions can be made, approved, viewed, and used. However, if the wallet is instructed to perform a transaction on a chain they have not yet been configured before, the operation tends to fail.

This is understandable, as the chain_id provided makes up only one part of what is required to connect to a network. This EIP aims to introduce a new type of URL for usage with deep-linking, QR, and more, to allow users to seamlessly add new networks to their (for ex. mobile) wallet to then be able to more easily partake in pay-, tx-, or other Ethereum URL interactions.

As an extension to EIP-831 and neighboring EIP-681 and EIP-2400, this document aims to standardize the addition of new networks and switching thereof through the means of URLs. User convenience in this case is primary.

Introduction of this EIP is meant to bridge to a safer RPC listing system to be introduced in the near future.



Network Switching URLs contain “ethereum” in their schema (protocol) part and are constructed as follows:

network_add             = erc831_part "add" "@" chain_id [ "/" ] "?" parameters
erc831_part             = "ethereum:network-"
chain_id                = 1*DIGIT
parameters              = parameter *( "&" parameter )
parameter               = key "=" value
key                     = required_keys / optional_keys
required_keys           = "rpc_url" / "chain_name"
optional_keys           = "name" / "symbol" / "decimals" / "explorer_url" / "icon_url"
value                   = STRING / number
number                  = 1*DIGIT

STRING is a URL-encoded Unicode string of arbitrary length, where delimiters and the percentage symbol (%) are mandatorily hex-encoded with a % prefix.

If the key in the parameter is decimals the value MUST be a number.


chain_id is mandatory and denotes the decimal chain ID, such that we have the identifier of the network we would like to add.

rpc_url is represented as an array of RPC URLs. A minimum of 1 rpc_url MUST be present, in the format of rpc_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpolygon-rpc.com, or when multiple present rpc_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpolygon-rpc.com&rpc_url=https%3A%2F%2Frpc-mainnet.matic.network.

chain_name is required to specify the name of the network to be added.

name and symbol if provided, SHOULD be a human-readable string representing the native token.

decimals if provided, MUST be a non-negative integer representing the decimal precision of the native token.

explorer_url if provided, MUST specify one or more URLs pointing to block explorer web sites for the chain.

icon_url if provided, MUST specify one or more URLs pointing to reasonably sized images that can be used to visually identify the chain.

An example of adding a network with RPC endpoints https://rpc-polygon.com and https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network, the name Polygon Mainnet, token Matic, symbol MATIC, decimals 18, explorer at https://polygonscan.com/, and Chain ID 137 would look as follows:



In furtherance of the Ethereum URL saga, network configuration is a needed addition to the possibility of Ethereum URLs. This would improve functionality for URLs, and offer non-mainnet users a way to connect without needing to configure their wallet by hand.

The URL follows EIP-831 with the PREFIX being network and the PAYLOAD being a composite of add and EIP-681-like chain_id and parameters.

The choice for PREFIX being network is to allow further expansion and allow variants following the pattern network-x.

An example URL for adding the Optimism Network


The specification allows for a multitude of rpc_url and explorer_url to be specified. This is done such to overlap with parsing of the TYPE mentioned in EIP-681.

Security Considerations

URLs can be malformed to deceive users. Users SHOULD confirm source of URL before using any links. As well as checking source and transaction details before confirming any transactions. Applications SHOULD display network config, prior to network addition, such that users can confirm the validity of the network configuration being added.

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